This page contains information on my fiction works-in-progress writing and some writing samples (Well, only one right now). This may become it’s own page at some point, or may take over the whole blog.

Warning: The below chapter is about an adult situation. If you are easily offended, perhaps you should just skip it.

This was my entry into the 2017 James Patterson co-author writing contest for his Masterclass series. It was a great class and inspired me to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving.

To my surprise, I was selected as a semi-finalist. I consider it an honor and it gave me some validation that my creative writing was worth pursuing. My submission was read and selected by James Patterson himself and I won a cash prize and a lot of self confidence. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the finals, but the inspiration was very welcome at this point in my life.  A lot of the steps that I am looking at right now are directly because of this story.

It is part of a larger story I have in mind.  I intend to get back to it and make this a whole novel, but there are other things demanding my attention right now.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


A beautiful dominatrix kindles Jim’s erotic imagination and is a nice diversion from his boring life as an IT security analyst at a bank. But she tricks Jim into compromising his employer, and now he must track down the enigmatic Miss V before he loses more than just his job.

The Incident: Insecure, Chapter 1